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Cheryl's Bio


I have been singing all my life. My mother told me I hummed to myself as a little baby, and that was just the beginning of a lifetime of melody and rhythm. At 13 I began singing in high school choir, and have been working to improve my craft ever since. Jazz choirs in high school and college, then seven years of classical training taught me control and technique; singing professionally in clubs, private venues and events since 1974 has given me the opportunity to connect with my audience and  experiment with many genres of music: jazz, blues, pop, disco, latin, folk, classic rock, country. For me, it's a journey of learning, improving, experiencing.

My musical adventures began under the majestic towering redwoods of the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County, where I was raised. My big brother Joe Saltel (now a world-renowned professional square dance caller) and I would do the dishes every night and entertain the family with a cappella duets. I began singing professionally in April of 1974, touring through California, Texas and Louisiana in country clubs and cabarets; throughout my college years I sang with jazz choirs and several top-40 and jazz quartets in clubs and private parties around Northern California. After graduation from Humboldt State University in 1978, I knew the Bay Area was the hub of music and creativity, and settled there, immediately finding musicians and bands who welcomed my budding talent and work ethic. A few years of working the disco-top 40 circuit was great, but it was time to settle down, and my band FREESTYLE was formed. Hundreds of private parties later, my husband Ron and I relocated to the Sacramento area in 1984 to continue the fun. Ron and I have raised two kids, Sonja and Travis. I am  passionate about riding my horses, working in the garden, traveling, saving the planet, scuba diving, selling and remodeling real estate, and of course, singing. I am also a real estate broker for my own company, A Capella Realty, in Loomis.


It has been my distinct privilege to work with amazingly talented and accomplished musicians all my life. Local talents Jimmy Spero, John Cocuzzi, Peter Hackett, Doug Pauly, Gerry Pineda, Bill Chiechi, Tom Whinnery, Tim Wilbur, Dorothy Champion (just to name a few) are regular sources of inspiration, and co-conspirators with which to create music magic. It's so exciting and thrilling for me to step on the stage with such tremendous talent by my side!  Thank you guys, for including me and inspiring me every moment we play together.


A special thanks to Shane Kelly Photography for his fabulous photos!

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